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Islamic Fashion demand up in Turkey!

Turkey has emerged as a major Islamic fashion industry hub, the clothing manufacturers are focused on modest and elegant clothing for both women and men.

Islamic fashion style of clothing is based on modesty principles, covering the body and not revealing too much skin. The clothes usually have loose-fitting, made from non-transparent garments and headscarves for women. It generally aims to promote modesty and religious observance though styles may differ according to the region.

Turkey has a mixed culture that is influenced both by the West and the Orient. Its textile industry serves all types of customers including religious Muslims as well as secular clients that prefer sophisticated looks.

Turkish garment producers do not compromise on the quality of fabric while rolling out Islamic fashion. They use natural and high-quality fabrics, like silk, cotton, and linen. They produce Islamic-style clothing that is comfortable as well as breathable besides providing a sense of elegance and sophistication.
Hijabs, abayas, and jilbabs are garments and accessories that are worn by women. These garments are designed to be both practical and stylish. But the focus is on modesty and comfort. The garments get a touch of elegance and luxury through embroidery and intricate detailing. Besides traditional Islamic clothing, a new market for modern and contemporary Islamic fashion is also growing. Clothing designed to be both stylish and practical, such as maxi dresses, long cardigans, and wide-leg pants gained popularity among the Turkish youth.

With an emphasis on quality and intricate detailing, the Islamic fashion industry of Turkey is destined to become a major global player in the fashion world.
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