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Azerbaijan timber trade booms with China's Middle Corridor development.

Timber traders from Belarus are increasingly using Azerbaijan as a key route to export timber to the EU and Eurasia.

To overcome sanctions-related challenges, Russian importers are utilizing Uzbekistan as an alternative route to maintain timber exports.

Azerbaijan experienced a significant rise in Belarusian timber imports, reaching 301,000 cubic meters over the past year.

Western sanctions on Russian and Belarusian trade have limited timber exports to nine countries, including Azerbaijan.

Positioned along China's 'Middle Corridor', Azerbaijan benefits from Chinese investments and emerging transport links, offering new development opportunities.

The Middle Corridor, revitalized after pandemic disruptions, facilitates alternative transport routes between the EU and China, bypassing Russia.

As Russia and Belarus strengthen their partnership in the timber sector, the trend of redirecting timber exports through Eurasian border states gains momentum.
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