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Spurious seeds hitting cotton yield in Sindh.

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Registered cotton seed companies have attributed cotton crop failure in Sindh to the spurious and unprocessed cotton supplied by unregistered seed companies.

This allegation was leveled at a meeting that was attended by owners of known cotton seed companies and growers. It was arranged by the Karachi Cotton Brokers Forum and Brokers Advisory Committee of the Karachi Cotton Association. The Chairman of Karachi Cotton Association Atif Dada. The purpose of the meeting was to find ways to revive cotton crop production in Sindh.

A representative of Matiari Seed Company alleged that 80 percent of the cotton seed requirements of Sindh are being met by the unregistered companies. He said these companies collect rapeseed from ginning factories in Punjab and sell the same to the farmers in Sindh without processing. This he added causes irreparable loss to the cotton farmers.

He clarified that registered seed companies of Sindh have no issue with their counterparts in Punjab who are duly registered. This is even though Seed Act 1976 bars a company registered in one province to sell seeds in another province. However, he said that unregistered companies must not be allowed to do seed business.

Other cotton crop issues, were also discussed in the meeting. That included a demand to announce intervention prices before cotton sowing. The meeting did not indicate the intervention rate but expected it to be substantially higher given a steep rise in input costs including announcing intervention prices before the sowing of the crop and making a substantial increase in the intervention rate keeping in view the hike in the farm input rates.
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