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Gloom in US textile and apparel market.

The US market determines growth of global textiles as the United States as a country accounts for bulk of textile and clothing exports of all textile economies. Textile imports in the US are down this year which is the reason for gloom in supplier countries.

According to official US data textile and apparel imports totaled 7.14 billion square meter equivalents in March 2023. The imports improved up 23.5 percent when compared with imports in February. However textile and apparel imports in March ‘23 were 23.8 percent lower than the imports during March ’22.

Textile imports totaled 5.23 billion square meter equivalent (SME), in March this year which were higher by 33.0 percent than imports received in February but were down 15.7 percent from March last year, while apparel imports of 1.86 billion SME rose 2.8 percent from February but fell 40.1 percent from a year before.

Imports of textiles and apparel were 19.7 billion SME for the year to date in March, down 24.3 percent from a year earlier. Textile imports were 13.9 billion SME, down 21.5 percent, while apparel imports fell 30.1 percent to 5.83 billion SME.

For the year ending in March, total imports were down 2.9 percent to 99.5 million SME. Textile imports lost 0.7 percent to 70.9 billion SME while apparel imports fell 8.1 percent to 28.6 billion SME.
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