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Innovations and a complete range of weaving solutions from ITEMA.

For the ITM 2022, Itema has prepared a new market launch and interesting new applications of key innovations.
The new 2nd generation R9500-2terry weaving machine of the Itema SpA, Colzate/Italy, is a reliable, popular and guaranteed technology to boost the production of terry fabrics. The new version of the rapier terry machine further increases textile mastery, eco-efficiency and performances.
Textile mastery is a core competitive advantage of the R9500-2terry. The Itema Pile Formation Unit has been completely redesigned to ensure increased productivity, maximum ease of use and very good terry quality. The system provides an optimal pile warp tension guaranteeing both positive and negative control, hence ensuring very good terry fabric quality. Key improvements, such as the main motor with oil cooling and the optimization of the machine lubrication system – ensure reduced energy consumption and improved heat management, achieving peerless eco-efficiency standards. Moreover, the optimized Pile Formation Unit features a reduced number of cylinders compared to the previous machine version thus leading to increased operational weaving space and user-friendliness and reduced style change time.
Performance is achieved through tangible advancements. Monitoring the machines efficiency and performances is quite easy thanks to the plant management software iManager. It allows to effortlessly control and access machines data and statistics.
The R9500-2terry at the ITM 2022 in weaving width 3800 mm, the machine will weave fashion hand towels.
Furthermore, the very versatile rapier machine R9500-2 will be shown with the iSaver for apparel applications. iSaver in denim weaving provides tangible benefits in terms of sustainability and money saving thanks to the left side waste selvedge elimination, has been further developed to successfully weave a wider range of yarns. The device is now also available for apparel weavers and it can successfully process cotton, Lycra, Tencel and polyester yarns.
Another innovative feature on display on the R9500-2 is iCare, a future oriented system – based on an advanced sensors mechanism able to monitor real-time the state of health of the Itema tapes and sprocket wheels, suggesting possible adjustments or interventions through the machine latest generation console. iCare brings benefits, including the possibility to run the machine at the highest speeds without compromising components reliability, thanks to its breakthrough preventive maintenance function.

The A9500-2 airjet weaving machine is designed for high productivity, whilst ensuring reduced levels of energy and air consumption as well as top machine reliability. The exhibited machine features the heald frames Skyframe, combining high machine speeds with maximum reliability. In addition, the machine textile mastery will be demonstrated by the weaving of double pick insertion.
Furthermore, the wide version of the rapier R9500-2 will be exhibited weaving sophisticated curtain fabrics.
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