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Polyester and viscose replacing cotton in India.

Raw materials market Textile
Gujarat is the hub of cotton textiles but in the last year, more than 5 percent of its cotton capacity has been replaced by polyester and viscose. The global market trend for non-cotton fibers and high cotton rates triggered this trend.

Many textile manufacturers in Ahmedabad the cotton hub of the country, are shifting to polyester and viscose fabrics. Last year, blending in cotton was preferred now several players in the value chain use polyester and viscose for blending.

Some mills thrived in the cotton textile business for over fifty years with integrated spinning, weaving, and processing facilities. But they have completely shifted to polyester yarn and viscose. The millers had no choice but to shift to low-priced polyester and viscose as high cotton prices, which affected theirs. They still consume cotton to some extent but saw it prudent to diversify. exited the cotton business entirely, but felt the time is not right for cotton and thus chose to diversify. With minor changes, the same machines can spin polyester and viscose that spin cotton.

Last year, cotton prices reached a record high of Rs 1.10 lakh per candy (356kg). This year, prices have come down to an average of Rs 60,000 per candy. However, recent estimates from the Cotton Association of India (CAI) suggest lower crop output and there will thus be more volatility in cotton prices, experts say.
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