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China likely to remerge as leather industry leader.

As the Lineapelle exhibition was getting underway sellers of raw material for leather production, at last, began to notice an increase in demand. After COVID some production of leather for export markets moved away from China to other countries.

It is likely Chinese domestic market will see an increasing internal demand for leather goods. But the question would be whether a domestic surge would be enough to compensate for the tanning industry of China that lost a sizable export market.

Market analysts base their expectation of greater leather goods demand in the domestic market of China on the fact that the Chinese government in Beijing is actively encouraging consumption to spur production and growth. The growth suffered badly due to severe restrictions that remained imposed for a long time due to covid-19. The Chines government has encouraged banks to provide citizens with easy access to affordable credit. This is the reason that besides rushing in the streets, the shop’s activities at e-commerce sites have also increased.

Experts further opine that if Chinese consumers continue their buying spree on easy credit (which they always do) China may regain its lost position in the global leather industry.
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