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Brazil launches comprehensive forest expansion strategy.

Sustainability Wood
Brazil is increasing tree production to meet growing demands at home and worldwide, unveiling an extensive plan called "The Forest + Sustainable Plan."

The plan involves investments in expanding wood production and planting trees for purposes beyond wood.

It also focuses on rehabilitating unhealthy areas by implementing special farming and tree systems.

Brazilian wood is highly sought after, especially for large-scale, cost-effective housing projects.

Brazil hosts South America's largest plant for producing special wood, ready to support other countries in the region with their wood requirements.

Recently, Brazilian wood has found its way into Australian and Indian markets as a viable alternative to local wood or a more affordable option.

Brazilian traders are also in discussions with Wood Central to supply various wood products to countries in the Asia Pacific region.

The value of Brazilian wood-based exports (excluding paper) has shown a significant increase – up by 74% from July 2020 to July 2021.
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