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US apparel imports: Trends and critical issues to watch in 2022.

BUSINESS & TRADE information Textiles and Сomposites
The US textile and clothing market that was impacted by Covid-19 is still not back to normal due to global inflation and recession. But industrial textiles (have bounced back as the United States imports IT historic high of $3.09 billion in 2022.

Industrial textiles are part of technical textiles which are the textiles used for the fulfillment of the specific purpose(s) rather than aesthetic appearance or use.

In the pre-pandemic year of 2018, the US imported technical textiles worth $2.75 billion. Thereafter the IT textile imports started declining. In 2019 it reached 2.61 billion, then further slipped to 2.30 billion. The resurgence started in 2021 when IT imports reached $2.94 billion. In 2022 the imports of technical textiles crossed the dollar 3 billion barriers for the first time to clock$3.09 billion.

However, as far as the exports of industrial textiles are concerned the US exporters have yet to reach the peak of $2.3 billion they achieved in 2018. The exports of industrial textiles from the US declined to $2.15 billion in 2019, which further slipped to $1.89 in 2020 before recovering slightly to 2.08 billion in 2021. In 2022 industrial textile exports from the US increased to $2.23 billion still shy of the 2018 peak.
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