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Pakistan falls to 5th position as largest producer of cotton in the world, decade back being at 4th.

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Pakistan, the fourth largest producer of cotton in the world a decade back, has been relegated to the fifth position mainly due to a constant decline in production.
Cotton is a natural fiber and the most important crop after food grains. The five top counties that grow cotton produce 74 percent of the total commodity produced in the world. The quantity mentioned is 1000 tons. China emerged as the top producer with a crop size of 5835 tons, followed by India which produced 5334 tons, the United States harvested 381 tons, Brazil 2505, and Pakistan produced 1302 tons. Australia with 1252 tons and Turkey with 827 tons are the other major producers. Rest the countries cumulatively produce 4282 tons.
The United States is the largest exporter of cotton in the world. It exports almost 75 percent of its produce abroad. Cotton is one of the largest users of water among all agricultural commodities, and production often involves applying pesticides that threaten soil and water quality. Many cotton-producing countries have been accused of child labor in cotton cultivation.
This year cotton production in China declined from 6445000 tons last year to 5835000 tons. India, the other top producer, saw a decline from 6009000 tons in 2020-21 to 5334000 tons in 2021-22. There was a jump in production in three countries. The United States, which harvested 3181000 tons last year, produced 381000 tons this year. The production increased in Australia from 610,000 to 1252000 tons (more than double). Brazil, Turkey, and Pakistan also registered some growth.

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