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Pasaban Service: Always Close to Our Customers.

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"Being close to our customers and offering them quality service are our main priority". Iñigo Pagola, Pasaban Service Director.

At Pasaban, we want to ensure that our customers receive excellent technical service. Our extensive knowledge of the paper converting industry and its technical problems allows us to offer a close, fast and efficient service all over the world. Also creating a long-term relationship of trust with our customers.

Pasaban Service, Pasaban's technical service, is formed by qualified engineers specialized in machinery upgrades, emergency services, machine installation and preventive and corrective maintenance.

For Pasaban, customer proximity is a priority. For this reason, we want to offer a wide range of service options that can cover any need that may arise:

We like to help our customers to plan a correct preventive maintenance of their machines so that their experience with Pasaban machines is long-lasting. To this end, we offer a range of commercial proposals that can be tailored to the specific needs of our customers.

Most of the inconveniences that may arise with paper and cardboard converting machines can be solved by remote support. We solve 85% of them in this way. This service avoids unnecessary downtime and significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We supply mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts with a quick response and at a competitive price. You can consult our online store, here you will find any type of spare part for any inconvenience in your paper and cardboard converting machinery.

Upgrades or modernization of sheeters and winders is essential to increase the life of old machines and improve their performance. As time goes by, machine obsolescence also advances, so there are times when proper maintenance is not enough.

The benefits of this type of maintenance include increasing machine availability and performance and improving the quality of the end product. In turn, it will increase productivity, mitigate obsolescence and allow automation of some of the machine’s processes.

We believe it is essential that companies that have purchased Pasaban machines or other brands such as Jagenberg or Bielomatik continue to get the most out of these great machines.

You can read here about some success stories in Upgrades: Okab (sheeter), Papel Aralar (winder) or Crane Currency (foil stamping).

We believe that no one is better suited for the machine displacement task than the one who has created the machine and has first-hand knowledge of its nature. Pasaban ensures that disassembly, transport and assembly at the final destination are carried out in a coordinated manner and that the machine is commissioned on schedule with optimum results. In addition, the customer has the guarantee that the replaced parts will be original.

Finally, with our in-site training, we provide basic machine training, safety training, advice on process optimization and analyze machine operation.

At Pasaban we aim to build a long-term relationship of trust with our customers. Thanks to the quality, efficiency and immediacy of our services, we make our customers feel that we are at their side for any issue that may arise. And this is thanks to our staff of specialized technicians and engineers that will make you feel that you are dealing with professionals.

You can check our Technical Service video - here

If you would like more information about our technical service or to know our affordable prices on spare parts and hourly rates, please contact us through the following phone numbers: +34 661 460 498 / +34 626 680 901 or send us an e-mail to service@pasaban.com.


Pasaban S.A. | www.pasaban.com

Pasaban is a world leader in paper, board and pulp converting machines. We design and manufacture high quality machines customized to the needs of our customers, being able to offer complex turnkey projects with a high degree of automation.

We are a world leader in sheeting, winding and packaging machines and work together with our customers to provide innovative solutions, at a low operating cost and helping to minimize environmental impact.

Pasaban's global sales and service network supports manufacturers, converters and printers around the world. Pasaban currently has more than 250 customers with 550 machines installed and an established international reputation.

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