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France looks to make fashion more sustainable.

Textile Sustainability
The French government is meeting with clothes and textile industry representatives over the next month in a bid to ‘define the first step on the [eco-friendly] textile roadmap’
Clothes in France could soon become more eco-friendly and sustainable, after the government said it wants to introduce a ‘sustainable textile bonus’ for clothes and shoe manufacturers.
Representatives from the textile industry are meeting with Junior Ecology Minister Bérangère Couillard, throughout the month of October, in a consultation that she called “unprecedented”.
The goal will be to find ways to make the sector more sustainable and eco-friendly. Those invited include representatives from the textile industry and clothes distribution sector such as l’Alliance du commerce, which is made up of major brands like H&M, Kiabi, and Monoprix.
Representatives from consumer associations, recycling federations, environmental organizations and NGOs will also be present. The consultation will help the government to draft a decree on the issue, which is set to be published at the beginning of November this year, and come into force in 2023. This could introduce a series of financial bonuses for companies whose textile products are sustainable, those that include recycled materials, and those that are designed to last longer.
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