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Chinese export volume of major textile products report growth in September.

The export volumes of four major categories of textile products like yarn, fabrics, home textiles and knitted garments reported growth in China Chamber of Commerce informed that in September, yarn volume increased by 36.4 percent, fabrics by 4.4 percent, home textiles by 26.2 percent and knitted garments by 8.7 percent, all over September 2022.

When taken in terms of export prices, prices in all these products fell, with yarn prices reporting the highest drop at 20.4%, while fabrics declined 8.7 percent and home textiles by 6.1 percent against a year ago period.

Since exports of textile products had dipped in September last year, under the influence of the low base, export volume of major exporting provinces such as Zhejiang, Shandong and Anhui grew year on year. Zhejiang maintained 3.1 percent growth for the second consecutive month, while Shandong grew at 2 percent and Anhui reversed the falling trend and registered 0.3 percent growth. Among other provinces, except for Guangdong, the decline expanded to 13.9 percent. However, the fall in other major provinces narrowed.
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