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Wood price hike persists in Swedish market.

Wood Raw materials market
The VVDS forest owner association, along with Sveaskog nationwide, has initiated a fresh round of wood price hikes in Varmland, southern Dalarna, and throughout Sweden.

Contrary to predictions, wood prices are on the rise, surpassing expectations set after the December adjustments.

Both logs and pulpwood prices have been reset, indicating a more significant increase than initially anticipated.

The price for birch pulpwood has risen to 575 crowns (52 euros), while firewood prices have increased by 50 crowns to 400 crowns (36 euros).

Notably, wood pricing methods vary between Sweden and Finland, making direct comparisons challenging.

The Swedish state-owned forest company, Sveaskog, has implemented nationwide purchase price increases, with fiber wood prices up by SEK 25, reaching a new price of SEK 500 (EUR 45).
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