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FKgroup and TERMO PARTNERS have entered into a partnership agreement at the JEC 2024 in Paris.

FK GROUP SPA and TERMO PARTNERS, UAB have signed a partnership agreement after a year and a half of trial cooperation and will cooperate in the countries of Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, Central Asia and Caucasian countries.

A key agreement on cooperation was reached at the JEC 2024 in Paris. The JEC World 2024 edition was the biggest JEC World ever, attracting 43,500+ professional visits from more than 100 countries and 1.300 exhibitors, and featuring seminars, workshops, live demos, and insights from hundreds of industry visionaries.
The FK GROUP SPA history began in 1961, when Flavio Cattini, founder of the company, develops and produces one of the first spreading machines in the world with electrical parts. After 10 years from its foundation, FKgroup becomes world leader in spreading machines with more than 1.000 units installed all over the Globe. Later emerges the idea of proposing prestigious solutions to discerning users, selected with the expert eye of someone who knows the secrets of this job. Thus begins a long journey with the passion for the finest quality.
With time, the craftsmanship of the origins blends with experience in high-level research & development, projecting FKgroup to be selected among the biggest names in the industry. So, FKgroup evolves, first with CAD Software and later with cutting machines, launching the company and FKgroup’s know-how worldwide. All this with the utmost fidelity to the founder’s original idea.

TERMO PARTNERS, UAB has been successfully selling paper and textile equipment in the markets of Northern, Eastern, Southern Europe and Central Asia for more than 14 years.
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