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Proxima S.R.L. and TERMO PARTNERS, UAB have entered into a partnership agreement.

Proxima S.R.L. (brand BIGAGLI) and TERMO PARTNERS, UAB have signed a partnership agreement and will cooperate in the countries of Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Proxima S.R.L. is present into industrial automation and robotics fields since 1990. During '80s Proxima S.R.L. staff matured experience cooperating with textile machineries manufacturers. Proxima S.R.L. has also contributed to realize machines, not only in the textile ambit but also in paper and plastic fields.

Proxima S.R.L. is specialized in textile industrial automation management of industrial processes, programming support and commissioning of machines. Proxima S.R.L. projects automation systems for carding sets, selfacting mules, ring spinning frames, fancy yarn twisters and finishing machines. Proxima S.R.L. has also projected automation systems on diffent kind of machinery or accessories: alternate movement cutters, cutting devices for rewinders and retrofitting on existing machines.

Over the years Bigagli has specialized in manufacturing modern and advanced woollen spinning frames specially designed, developed and constantly improved to produce fine and extra fine woollen yarns.

Bigagli machines provide high production flexibility and reduced downtime thanks to the independent sections that allow production of two different yarns simultaneously; and all that saving on energy costs compared to traditional machines on the market.

TERMO PARTNERS, UAB has been successfully selling paper and textile equipment in the markets of Northern, Eastern, Southern Europe and Central Asia for more than 10 years.
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