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UK unveils new strategy to boost timber usage in construction.

The UK government introduced a new plan to use more timber in construction, aiming to reduce emissions and achieve net zero carbon goals.

Timber is a great way to cut building emissions; currently, 25% of the UK's greenhouse gas emissions come from built structures.

Larger buildings made with engineered timber can store up to 400% more carbon than those built with concrete.

Currently, 80% of the timber used in the UK is imported, but increasing domestic capacity will create green jobs in forestry and wood processing, contributing over £2bn to the economy.

Key plan actions include improving data on timber and carbon, promoting timber in construction, enhancing skills and capacity in the supply chain, and increasing the supply of sustainable timber products.

Addressing fire safety concerns is crucial for safely expanding the use of engineered mass timber.

The plan emphasizes collaboration with insurers, lenders, and warranty providers, as well as promoting innovation and high-performing timber construction systems.
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