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Pakistan to focus on improving cotton seed quality.

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In order to focus on improving cotton seed quality, Pakistan authorities are all set to encourage the companies providing seed technology to introduce their cotton seeds. The country’s National Food Security has constituted a committee to talk to the seed companies and facilitate them to introduce quality cotton seed with the latest technology in the Pakistani market. The committee will also review criteria for the registration of seed companies

The Decision was taken in a ministerial meeting called to review the proposals for increasing cotton production and the cultivation area. The companies are also advised to adopt measures to protect the farmers from fake seeds. stressed the need for adopting measures to protect the farmers from fake seeds.

“The latest seed technology will help increase productivity,” Cheema told the meeting. “Technology transfer will also benefit this sector and the farmers will be encouraged to grow more cotton,” said the concerned Minister. He also asked the textile industry to pay arrears of cotton cess. “The companies providing substandard seeds should be fined and further steps should be taken to protect the farmers from fake seeds,” he stressed.
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