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China loses its market share in the US when compared with its exports in 2021.

Official statistics by the United State Authorities reveal that in September 2022 China lost its market share in the US market when compared with its exports in September 2021.
The Chinese share was grabbed by its non-traditional rivals. Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam did take that share as much as countries like Malaysia, and Turkey.
Imports of textiles and apparel (T&A) from China were valued at $2.98 billion in September 2022 depicting a decline of 22.9 percent over September 2021, imports from India were up 24.4 percent to $796 million, and imports from Egypt valued at $670.4 million depicting an increase of 66.6 percent. The US imported textile and apparel worth $618.6 million from Vietnam showing an increase of 15.1 percent, Turkey posted a massive increase of 83.3 percent as T&A worth $434.4 million entered the US market. Mexican T&A worth $397.3 million entered the US recording an increase of 40.5 percent. The US importers booked T&A from Malaysia worth $348 million showing a huge increase of 1170 percent over the imports recorded from this country in the corresponding month of 2021. The imports of T&A from Bangladesh increased by 17.5 percent to 302.5 million. Pakistan could manage to increase its exports in September by 8.6 percent to $270 million when compared with the same month last September.
According to statistics released textile and apparel imports in September were 3.5 percent less in August 2022 but 6.3 percent higher than in August 2021. Out of total T&A imports of 8.82 billion square meter equivalents, the textile imports totaled 6.14 billion SME, higher by 1.0 percent for the month and 13.3 percent from the previous year. The apparel imports of 2.68 billion SMEs increased 12.4 percent from August but were down 7.0 percent from a year before. In the first 9 months of 2022 total imports were 85.0 billion SME, showing an increase of 26.2 percent from the previous year. Textile imports were up 30.6 percent to 59.8 billion SMEs and apparel imports recorded a 16.9 percent increase to 25.2 billion SMEs.
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