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Finland's forest industry declined wood consumption by 10% in 2022.

In 2022, roundwood consumption in the country's forest industry decreased by 10% to 65.2 million m³.

In 2022, consumption of domestic roundwood (logs and pulpwood) fell by 2% to 61.3 million m³ compared to 2021.

The volume of imported roundwood and wood chips fell by 60% to 3.9 million m³, the total consumption of logs fell by 2% to 26.7 million m³, and pulpwood by 11% to 37.3 million m³, compared to 2021.

The wood processing industry accounted for 29.4 million m³ of roundwood, of which 26.2 million m³ was processed by sawmills.

In the production of timber products, 9.2 million m³ of by-products of the timber industry were consumed.
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