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Cotton Connect programs increase farmer’s earnings.

Sustainability Textile
The positive impact of sustainable cultivation of cotton has been demonstrated by Cotton Connect, a social enterprise, in its report that reveals that its programs are creating sustainable supply chains besides leading to a positive impact on the environment and livelihoods.

The social enterprise ran different cotton projects to help farmers in 2021-22 and the report has been prepared on the results of those programs. The programs undertaken by Cotton Connect included a reel cotton program, women in cotton, health, and safety for gins, and an organic cotton farmers training program.

The results of the reel cotton program reveal that in 2021-22 the profits of farmers that pursued the program increased 18.1 percent when compared with control farmers that adopted traditional cultivation methods. The additional profit came from 6.6 percent increase in yield and an 11.4 percent decrease in input costs.

Moreover, sustainable practices used in the program reduced negative impact on the environment. Chemical use was reduced by 16.6 percent and the use of chemical fertilizer declined by 20.4 percent while the use of water registered a decline of 11.4 percent.

An official of Cotton Connects the reduction in negative impacts of cotton cultivation on the environment is one aspect of the program. But the sustained use of these practices would enrich the soil, help in biodiversity, and better water management.

The aim of the program is to build the resilience of cotton farmers. To achieve this the program emphasized on gender equality, a just transition, and financial equity. The program also empowers the farmers by including them in decision-making.
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