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Ukraine faces with paper shortage this year.

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Photo: Sezony Goda

An acute shortage of paper in Ukraine has led to a sharp jump in the cost of books in Ukraine, prices for which have significantly increased in the last 12 months.

One of the reasons for this became the decision of large local paper mills to switch to the production of packaging material for the needs of online commerce, which led to the decline of paper production for the needs of book publishing sector.

According to local book publishers, in recent months paper has risen in price in Ukraine by almost 20%, while the growth is currently ongoing.

Ukraine has its own paper factories, but they cannot meet the demand of domestic market. According to local analysts, there are few birches and pines in Ukraine, which is used for felling. In addition, there is an embargo on the import of offset paper from Russia.

By: Eugene Gerden

Simon Matthis
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