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Pasaban, a global benchmark for paper & board converting machines.


Pasaban offers high quality, robust, and precise converting machinery for the paper and board converting industry. It has been supplying to the Pulp and paper industry with sheeters, winders and other finishing equipment customized solutions for more than 90 years. These have been improved and adapted to meet customer demand and continue to expand internationally. The company's development has been such that today it is one of the major quality benchmarks in the market.

"The most requested machines are folio-size sheeters for paper and coated board. But on the top of that, Pasaban offers customized features that may add value to the solution made for customers and users" - Carlos Muriel, Sales & Marketing Director of Pasaban.

Mills and converters generally request the KB folio-size sheeter, which offers a level of customization and automation that allows the highest quality and cutting precision in the market. This machine is aimed at high production mills and converters that need great flexibility and the best quality of the finished product.

Converters (with less production volume), printers and packagers mostly request the Compact sheeter. This machine was created to offer a modular concept that allows implementing a wide range of options in order to meet the production needs of each customer. Aimed at plants with medium production volumes.

"We offer the most robust and precise machinery on the market, and this is what makes us a benchmark in quality”. - Dani Garcia, CEO of Pasaban.

But having a high-quality product is not enough. For this reason, Pasabanadvocates accompanying the customer throughout the purchase cycle, project execution, and after-sales service. Trust is not achieved in a day; it is necessary to work on it in order to build close and fruitful long-term relationships. Nowadays it is essential that the attention a customer receives is from an expert and Pasaban advocates for a service in which the customer always deals with specialized technicians.

"We must continue to invest in improving the service and proximity we offer our customers. This is something they demand, and for this reason, we are putting all our efforts into carrying it out." - Iñigo Pagola, Customer Service Director of Pasaban.

The most frequently requested services are machine upgrades. Despite the fact that Pasaban machines have an average service life of more than thirty years, it is of great importance to keep the machines up to date in order to extend their lifetime and get the best out of them.

The benefits of this type of maintenance include increasing machine availability, performance and improving the quality of the finished product. Thus, increasing productivity, mitigating obsolescence and enabling the automation of some of the machine's processes. This service is also available for Pasaban machines and other brands such as Jagenberg or Bielomatik among others.

Pasaban remains committed to providing customers around the world with customized solutions that help increase their competitiveness and position them as a global quality benchmark. The main value is to continuously offer our customers high quality machines and solutions alongside an impeccable service to gain their trust. Meeting these requirements is what makes Pasaban a leader in the design and manufacturing of machinery for the conversion of paper and cardboard.

"We are increasing our efforts to expand our international markets, to build stronger customer relationships, and to innovate as a basis for sustainable business." - Dani Garcia, CEO of Pasaban.

If you want to learn more about Pasaban products and services feel free to visit the website www.pasaban.com or send an email to info@pasaban.com.
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