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US garment imports drop 22.77% between January & August.

As per latest data released by the Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA), USA, in the first eight months of 2023, USA’s apparel imports from the world dropped 22.77 percent year on year to US $53.45 billion.

Volume wise, they declined by 26.80 percent to 16.49 billion Square Meter Equivalent (SME) between January and August 2023 as against 22.53 billion SME in the similar months of 2022. In the period under review, garment imports from its biggest source China, fell 29.47 percent from a year ago period to $10.98 billion.

USA’s import from Vietnam, the second largest source of clothing also showed negative growth of 24.57 percent to $9.65 billion in the review period from $12.80 billion in the first eight months of earlier year. USA’s clothing imports from Bangladesh also dropped significantly by 21.77 percent year-over year to $5.18 billion in the first eight months of current year.

Garment imports from other countries also showed negative growth, with those from Pakistan falling by 29.49 percent, Cambodia 27.28 percent, Indonesia 26.09 percent, India 21.59 percent and Mexico 8.87 percent.
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