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UN Unveils Plan: Transforming construction industry for a greener future with net-zero impact.

Substituting carbon-intensive materials like steel and concrete with eco-friendly options such as timber and bamboo could cut emissions by 40% by 2050.

The initiative emphasizes the need for more policy and financial support to widely adopt renewable bio-based building materials.

A "circular approach," involving building less and repurposing existing structures, can significantly reduce emissions by 50-75% compared to new construction.

Retrofitting encourages the use of fewer materials with a lower carbon footprint, promoting reuse or recycling in construction.

Concerns are raised about the substantial emissions (23%) linked to processing concrete, steel, and aluminum on a global scale.

Achieving net-zero emissions by 2050 is feasible with appropriate government policies, incentives, and regulations, especially as rapid urbanization contributes to 37% of global emissions from the built environment.
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