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EU garment imports continue to drop between January & August 2023.

European Union imports of clothing from various countries continued their decline in the first eight months of the current year.

Between January and August 2023, EU garment imports fell to US $61.15 billion, down 9.61 percent as against $67.66 billion during the corresponding period of 2022.

In terms of quantity, the EU’s apparel imports also dropped to 14.64 percent to 2.56 billion kgs in the period under review from 3 billion kgs in the comparable months of the earlier year.

“EUs import from its top sourcing country China, descended by 14.13 percent year on year to $16.19 billion, while volume wise they reduced 13.05 percent to 695.88 million kgs,” data from EUROSTAT informed.

When considering imports from Bangladesh, they dived 13.71 percent from a year ago period to $13.33 billion, while they also went down by 15.07 percent to 770.17 million kgs quantity-wise.

In the review period, clothing imports from Turkey fell 10.89 percent to $7.35 billion and when considering volume, they plunged 23.23 percent year over year to 244.83 million kgs.

EU’s imports from India and Vietnam dropped 7.20 and 4.41 percent respectively, in value terms, while they declined 13.09 and 9.98 percent respectively, in terms of quantity.

In the first eight months of 2023, apparel imports by value also went down from Cambodia by 8.44 percent, Pakistan by 13.17 percent, Morocco by 13.63 percent, Sri Lanka by 14.95 percent, and Indonesia by 20.33 percent.
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