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Fluff pulp industry set to boom in 2022.

Pulp and Paper Raw materials market
Adding absorbency to disposable hygiene products remains the main use for fluff pulp. Consequently fluff pulp use will track demand for hygiene and other nonwovens goods in the post-Covid economy. Photo: Smithers

According to a new report from Smithers, the fluff pulp industry is set for a boom year in 2022, with record prices and recovering demand pushing global consumption to 6.90 million air dried metric tonnes (ADMTs). This will yield a to market value of $8.31 billion, up from $6.88 billion in 2021, according to exclusive forecasting in the new Smithers market study, The Future of Fluff Pulp to 2027.

In 2017, global fluff pulp consumption was 5.8 million air-dried tonnes. This increased to 7.0 million air-dried tonnes in 2022. The annual growth rate from 2017 to 2022 was 3.8%. By 2027, global fluff pulp consumption is projected to reach 8.5 million air dried tonnes. The annual growth rate projection for 2022-27 is 4.1%.

Key findings in the report include:

-The lack of large, new fluff pulp supply has led to tightening supply/demand ratios and increasing prices. This tightening in the supply/demand ratio is expected to continue through 2027, though prices are expected to moderate as transport costs return to a ‘new normal’

-The global drive to reduce or eliminate plastics has only increased demand for fluff pulp at the expense of plastic fibres and products.

Simon Matthis
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