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Interview with Dani García, CEO of Pasaban.

Pulp and Paper PARTNER NEWS
Mr. García analyzes the current state of the paper & board industry and gives some hints about Pasaban's strategy, values ​​and approach in the years to come.

"Pasaban’s core values are based on precision, quality, reliability. Offering customized solutions to our customers we can solve the most difficult challenges." by Dani García (Managing Director)

1) Since 1928, Pasaban has been committed to providing high quality, customized converting machines, and solutions to the paper industry. Could you please give some examples supporting the statement? 

As world leaders in the paper and cardboard converting machines, Pasaban designs and manufactures sheeters, winders and ream wrappers for some of the top paper mills and converters worldwide. 

With more than 250 customers and 550 machines installed globally, we have a long-established reputation. Renowned companies such as the Mondi group or Stora Enso in Europe, Domtar in the US or JK paper in India are some of our loyal customers.

You can find some of our references here

2) The proximity to your customers is Pasaban’s top priority. What has been the driving force for Pasaban to create that extraordinary customer experience? Was there any long-term strategy involved - please explain?

The global sales network of Pasaban supports customers worldwide, including mills, converters and printers. In this regard, we have different commercial offices in China, USA and India and several agents in most of the countries. 

Being near your customers is not a commodity but a must in the paper industry and it also applies to the converting industry. That is why Pasaban has always been a customer centric organization with a high standard project management. Now, we must continue to invest on improving the service and closeness we provide to our customers. This is something that they demand and thus, we are putting all our efforts into it. 

Pasaban Service - Helping Our Customers Worldwide. 

3) What are the most significant development initiatives that Pasaban has undertaken this year? 

Pasaban have been providing sheeters, winders and other customized solutions for more than 90 years and we have been improving and adapting them to meet customer demand. 

For some time now, we have been making a great amount of effort to improve our winders and rewinders further. In this sense, we have been working on redesigning its structure, appearance and automation options to fit market demands. We are also working on reducing our lead times for our customer projects making our internal processes more efficient. 

Nevertheless, we believe in cooperation as the key to success. Pasaban is always open to work together with its clients to provide innovative solutions that have low operating costs and help minimize environmental impact. 

4) Could you elaborate on how Pasaban’s remote support can avoid unnecessary downtime and reduce maintenance costs? 

The online assistance is Pasaban’s most demanded after-sales service that require a quick response to any issues that may arise. According to our records, more than the 85% of the incidents that occur on Pasaban machines are solved by our remote support technicians in a fast, efficient and secure way. 

We are aware of the importance of this task and so, we make sure this task is carried out by our specialized and experienced engineers. If by any chance the problem persisted, we could always provide a prompt on-site support. 

5) Your company tagline reads, “Where precision is needed”. What are the key differentiators that made Pasaban a specialist in the design and manufacturing of high-end machines? How does Pasaban operationally justify the tagline?

One of our product-wise strength is the precision of our machinery and solutions. We can offer the highest cut quality in the market and that aligns with that proposition. The motto also applies to the way we approach the projects and how we execute them for our clients. 

Reliability and precision are Pasaban’s intrinsic core values. 

6) Of all the products (paper and board sheeters, laser punching and equipment, paper winding machines, etc) - could you please let us know the highest impact ones w.r.t market acceptance?

I would say that our sheeting machines are a very demanded product, specially the folio-size sheeters, followed by our winders and rewinders that are also key part our portfolio of paper and board converting machines. 

Interestingly enough, we cannot say these machines are supplied as isolated products, they normally come as a Turnkey Automation Project where we customize the project to each customer. You can find a great example of one of our lasts turnkey project here.

Lastly, our foil stamping lines and laser punching machines are specifically designed aimed to security printing and security paper segments. Those segments are very demanding in regards to the technology but are very niche and low volume. 

7) How else do you expect the market to change over the next couple of years? What roles do companies like Pasaban play in Pulp and Paper Industry today? How do you perceive the future? 

We are on uncertain times due to the current COVID situation. But the pulp and paper industry market is a stable and mature market and thus, I expect that it will overcome this situation in a relatively smooth path. 

Looking into the future, the trend is to moving towards sustainable products such paper and board-based products and other green materials capable of been recycled or reused. This said, we expect a bright future where all of us have to be committed toward a circular economy. 

Talking about the role companies like Pasaban play, we manufacture paper converting equipment to the papermaking and converting companies. As manufacturers we ought to offer machines that are reliable, customizable and affordable so our customers can be competitive in this global landscape. In this regard, Pasaban is well positioned but nevertheless, our mission is to continue improving on further fulfilling our customer requirements. 

8) Where will Pasaban be focusing in the next 5 years? 

The market is continuously evolving at an ever-increasing pace. If you add that these uncertain times, companies like ourselves must adjust their strategies to market changes, been flexible and openminded to adapt their strategy as required. 

Having said that, we are increasing our efforts to expand our international markets, to build stronger customer relationships and to innovate as a basis for sustainable business. 

One thing is certain, we are committed to serve as best as we can to paper and board mills, converters and printers. We will be vigilant to customer preferences with regard to sustainability changes, ready to offer timely machines, services and solutions worldwide. Specially in the European, Asian and American markets. 

This interview was originally conducted for the pulpandpaper-technology media - here
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