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New JUMBERCA circular knitting machine for single jersey

Machine manufactured in 2023

Circular knitting machine, JUMBERCA brand, made by CANMARTEX, to knit single jersey fabrics, model 4S96 30" diameter gg.28 with 96 production feeders. Equipped with:
30" Frame with mechanical take down system to knit in tubular fabric
knitting head with 96 individual aluminiun cam boxes and zirconium yarn guides Cylinder with 2640 cuts, Groz Beckert needles and JUMBERCA sinkers
Kit of cylinder cams to knit jersey, piqué and 2 yarn fleece
MEMMINGER positive feeders model MPF
MEMMINGER oiler model Pulsonic
MARTEX creel with telescopic aluminium tubes and airjet pneumatic filing system
MEMMINGER control panel model Navigator or similar
Set up and put in operation service of the machine, including trainning. it is not included hotel, about the machine, during five work days. It is not included the flight air ticket, hotels and foods, all these costs will be paid by the final customer

Incoterms ex-works
Delivery time: aprox. 45 days except prior sales
Machine made in Spain (CEE)

Payment terms (30% downpayment and 7 monthly & consecutive transfers, first 45 days after CMR date, value each 10%)

Account № LT027044060007230733 (EUR, USD)
AB SEB Bankas, Gedimino pr., 12 LT-1 103, Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania. Banko kodas 70 440, BIC (SWIFT kodas) CBVILT2X